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photography of Andrew L. Woods
Digital Art and Illustrations of Andrew L. Woods
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self portrait of the artist and photographer Andrew L. Woods

about the artist

My name is Andrew, and I'm a photographer and visual artist located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

I specialize primarily in fine art photography and digital artwork, utilizing a variety of different tools and digital applications to make my visual storytelling come to life.


​My exploration of art and photography began as a therapeutic outlet, and has since expanded to become my main focus in life, and my greatest passion.


I’ve always been fascinated with art and its unique capacity to tell stories. I think there’s something very special about a well-told story. It’s a form of creative expression that can stir our emotions, provoke new thoughts, and hopefully leave some kind of footprint in our hearts and minds. I think that stories are uniquely a human passion, allowing us to see the world, if only briefly, from another perspective.​


And through storytelling, maybe we can extend beyond ourselves. And see what is ultimately true - that we are as unique as we are similar. 


 - AW -

Freelance Services

photograph of a bride and groom at a wedding


 Event photography includes corporate/business events, professional headshots, social events and parties, and weddings.

Price range varies per event - average event price is $150/hour.

Professional headshots range from $75-$100/session.

Please see below to request a quote.

Take a look through my past client work in the client gallery.

stylized neon light digital painting

Custom Artwork

For any commission requests that include any creative photography, illustrations or digital artwork. This includes digital paintings, 3d artwork, traditional drawings/sketches and photo/video editing services.

Price range varies per commission - depending on the type of services requested.

Please see below to request a quote.

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Feel free to mention any other details you think are relevant and I will reply via email with some follow-up questions (if I have any) and a price quote for my services.

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